Lead work

Lead work Banbury

P R Alcock many years experience in all aspects of Lead work. This includes flat and pitch lead roofs, box gutters, sumps and valleys, capping and horizontal cladding detail, dormer windows detail, all lead flashing details and of course turrets, pediments and domes.


At P R Alcock we have developed our skills and knowledge of Lead work over many years. This has been aided through our experience in restoring and repairing historic buildings.
We have created a valued team of partners who are Lead work professionals, carrying out work to award winning standards.

Our gallery contains some more examples of the broad range of Lead work we have been involved with. Please explore our gallery to view the range of projects we’ve been involved with, or if you have a specific job in mind don’t hesitate to call.

Associated alterations or renewal of timber substrates can be carried out by our skilled carpenters as part of a complete Lead work schedule.
Our experience in conservation projects means we are very comfortable working to conservation principals, equally we appreciate and embrace modern applications and have capabilities in the following areas:

•    Full survey, design advice and estimating
•    Flat, pitched and curved/ornate roofing
•    Parapet and valley gutter linings, including associated carpentry, slating and tiling
•    Cladding and coverings to dormers, cornices, bay windows etc.
•    Flashings and weatherings
•    Milled or sand cast lead
•    Purpose made hopper heads and rainwater goods
Why use lead?
Lead is one of the oldest building materials dating back thousands of years. It was used by the Romans for water pipes and roof coverings and is still a trusted building material today.
Lead is a unique material as it can be formed or welded into any desired shape or profile by a skilled trades person. If laid properly a lead roof will last several life times!
The look and style of a lead roof is the most impressive of all the roofing materials. Any roofer or builder is likely to tell you that the best method for waterproofing, style and durability is Lead sheet.
Lead as a roofing material may cost slightly more than other options at the outset. But Asphalt or Felt may be lower cost at the outset but just wont stand the test of time. When a Lead roof is laid there are no further maintenance costs, so a lead roof is a lot cheaper in the long run.
And from an environmental perspective, because lead is 100% recyclable and will out last many other roofing, materials it really is very environmentally sound.